Stanza 109


"Be patient. Make the Christians come to you.
Then from prepared positions we can spew
Machine gun bullets through the killing zone
While shrapnel simultaneously is blown
By hidden charges into the marines.
Now when the ambush kills them, by no means
Should we believe the tactic will succeed
A second time, when reinforcements speed
To where we took their comrades by surprise.
The man who loads his weapon twice denies
Himself the chance to fight another day.
You should escape as quickly as you may,
Once we confirm that every one of those
Who fell before us can not rise and close
With us. You must not think that victory
Can be attained through just one battle. We
Must use guerrilla tactics to exhaust
The foreigners until their cause is lost
And they have bled beyond what they can bear
So that attrition brings them to despair."