Stanza 101


A week has passed since Qasim met his doom
And though the hate and anger still consume
The family who loved him, life goes on.
They offer holy prayers at every dawn,
At noon and when the shadows are the height
Of what obscures the sun from casting light.
At evening and at night time orisons
They pray that over the Americans
Allah will grant the vengeance they desire.
Now as the people from their prayers retire
With dusk becoming darkness in the sky,
A stranger catches Musa's father's eye
Then asks if he might have a private word.
He tells the mullah, "I have been referred
By the custodian of the Askari.
Here is a letter which he gave to me."
The missive states, "I send to you this friend
Whose piety I highly recommend."
The ayatollah's graceful signature
Authenticates the document as sure.