Stanza 147


The watching driver slammed the forward hatch
So angry villagers could not dispatch
Him as he'd seen them take his friend.
Above the turret, villagers contend
With the commander of the LAV
Who fired his pistol with alacrity
To keep the vengeful rioters outside.
Then to recover his marine he cried,
"The six of you must exit out the rear
And save the gunner. I will try to clear
The turret of this violent hostile mob."
Then to the driver, "It will be your job
To man the doors. Don't be afraid to fire
At any villager, or the entire
Community will tear us limb from limb.
Now go go go!" The scouts respected him
And left the vehicle to fight the crowd.
Their rifle fire soon overwhelmed the loud
Disordered mob who crush the gunner's head.
His buddies thought their comrade must be dead.