Stanza 15


And now the warbling call of the muezzin
Invites the faithful to the prayerful scene.
"Allah, He is The Greatest. I attest
There is no god but God, and that the blessed
Muhammad is God's messenger. Ali
Is God's vice-regent. Hasten speedily
To prayer, deliverance, and the best deed.
Allah, He is The Greatest. I concede
There is no god but God," the herald cries.
Across the town his proclamation flies.
Each line is followed by its replica
According to the ancient formula,
Which has been handed down from long ago
And forms the dear adhan so apropos.
Responding worshipers approach the square.
They leave their shoes outside and enter where
The doorway to the mosque is open wide.
But first, before the people go inside,
Each one performs the rites by which the flawed
Prepare the body to get close to God.