Stanza 122


The colonel took the mullah and the mayor
To see the restrooms, so that he could share
The happiness this gift would surely bring.
The colonel smiled and told them, "Everything
That we have done is for your benefit.
The rank disease, to which you must submit,
Will never be a problem anymore.
Your village now can tap into the store
Of water that our base has purified.
Since many people in the town have died
From dysentery, I apologize
Because it took so long to recognize
The anguish that you bore without complaint.
I now will show you how this grim constraint
Has been removed. Your villagers are free
To use this elegant facility
To practice hygiene, with no sense of guilt.
This was the purpose for which it was built
In hopes that cleanliness will long endure.
Come, gentlemen. I'll give you both the tour."