Stanza 53


The mayor of the town is one of these
And his exalted office guarantees
That all the other villagers defer
To him and let the magistrate confer
With the religious men who lead the sect.
"I heard about the horrid disrespect
The infidel displayed, Your Eminence.
I feel such agony that this offense
Occurred in my municipality
Against a godly man whose piety
Should never be dishonored in this way."
The sayyid answers, "Showing such dismay
On my behalf does credit to your name,
Especially because this very same
Despicable admirer of sin
Defrauded you before he could begin
To demonstrate hostility towards us.
He bragged that he had shown how envious
He was for your possessions he desired,
And how these things he brazenly acquired."