Stanza 32


"Lieutenant colonel, peace be to your house!"
"Why, thank you! I will so inform my spouse.
She will delight to hear your greeting true!"
The colonel turned to Musa, "How are you?"
"Five days ago The Ever Merciful
Conferred on me the most incredible
Delight that I could ever contemplate,
And now my happiness can not deflate.
Oh, colonel, I am overwhelmed with joy,
Because I am the father of a boy!"
The CO took him by the hand and smiled
And said, "Your son must be a handsome child!"
But Musa says, "He's ugly as can be
and looks just like a monkey in a tree!"
Now all the men agree that this is right.
The baby's looks are not a pretty sight.
The ayatollah shakes his aging head,
"I offered my condolences instead
of saying he was blessed to have a son.
I would not wish the like on anyone!"