Stanza 136


Three weeks pass by and gloominess resides
In every heart, as sacrilege derides
The faith that comforts every villager.
The people and the mullah now defer
In military matters to the one
Who fought the enemy in Lebanon.
For though he never says, "I told you so,"
All recognize that they have naught to show
For blowing up the toilets, and in fact,
The men who train to fight the foe now lacked
The tactical surprise they had before.
The enemy who used to just explore
The town now search in more intrusive ways,
And guards on top of every restroom raise
Their rifles when the people come in view.
For now the townfolk are restricted to
Obtaining water from their enemies.
The wells have failed, and in their miseries
The people choose the bad instead of worse,
Awaiting what the fighting men rehearse.