Stanza 36


Now Musa and his comrades all return
To Musa's house, where showing great concern
The sayyid tells him, "Bring your son to me."
So Musa in despair and misery
Goes to the women's quarters to obtain
The son on whose behalf he feels such pain.
His mother notices his great distress
And urges him to openly express
The reason for his gloomy attitude,
So Musa justifies his downcast mood.
"The christian colonel has an evil power
To make my joy and happiness turn sour.
He lifted not a finger to destroy,
But merely said, 'You have a handsome boy!'"
Now all the girls and women cry aloud
And tear drops fall like rain does from a cloud,
While Musa's mother waves a burning stick,
To waft the incense billows fast and thick,
Around her grandson so the evil eye
Will miss the baby and he will not die.