Stanza 157


Now as they wait the hours pass slowly by.
Impatiently the people scan the sky
Until they see a helicopter rose
Above the base. Now their excitement grows
As it flew southward towards the ambush site.
The misagh's seeker tracks the chopper's flight
And Musa finds the missile's warbling strange
As the approaching aircraft came in range.
He wants to fire the missile, but delays
Until the target passed south of his gaze,
And looking through the sites he takes the shot.
The misagh's seeker leads it towards the spot
Where it detects the greatest infrared
Emissions that the helicopter bled.
The detonation of the warhead breaks
The after rotor and the shock wave shakes
The aircraft as it spiraled towards the town.
With utmost skill the pilot set it down
In a controlled collision with the ground.
The villagers attack from all around.