Stanza 185


Three months go by, and in the village square
Where Musa's relatives and friends prepare
To see him off, emotions ebb and flow.
His mother cries and protests, "I don't know
When I will ever see you! Why must we
Be separated for eternity?
While you are gone I know my heart will break!"
But Musa answers, "Mother, it will take
Less time to finish the curriculum
In Samarra than that. When I come from
The Hawzah, if God wills, I will return
A Mujtahid. I will attempt to learn
Quran and Hadith and Jafari fiqh,
While I am there. The knowledge I will seek
Is more important with each passing day.
Here comes the bus. Don't cry while I'm away."
Then Musa's wife, who carries his young son,
Ascends into the bus while everyone
Cries out farewells as Musa joins them too,
Then watches as the bus departs from view.

The End