Stanza 130


The cleric's ire does not abate one bit.
"What you suggest, no marja would permit.
Our own is clear, and his resalah says
That towards the Qiblah we must never face
Nor turn our backs when heeding nature's call.
To let these restrooms stand is criminal.
If you will not destroy them, on my own
I will contrive to have these toilets blown
To pieces. As the prophet's grandson died
For standing up for justice, I confide
In God and willingly embrace my death,
If by defending truth with every breath
My martyrdom occurs." The militant replies,
"You are the one the people recognize
As the most pious person. If you claim
Sharia charges that this horrid shame
Directly be destroyed, then I will do
As you have argued. If God wills, a few
Explosive charges will convert these vile
Atrocities into a rubble pile."