Stanza 140


The day of Ashura dawns bright and fair.
Both hope and sadness permeate the air
And apprehension wars with confidence
Amidst this time of such significance,
When martyrdom is central in the thought
Of all the people. Everyone is caught
Up in the solemn mourning and they dress
Most somberly, so that they can express
Their sorrow for what happened on this day
So long ago. The villagers convey
Their grief by draping buildings all in black,
And fasting to remind them of the lack
The prophet's grandson suffered valiantly.
They further illustrate their misery
By beating chests, or cutting heads with blades,
And demonstrating anguish in parades
Around the town. The tears the people shed
Commemorate the Imam who is dead,
For acts of weeping are commendable
And are rewarded by The Merciful.