Stanza 163


As Musa scans the skies he notices
An aircraft flying in the village's
Direction. His decision to refrain
From shooting at the four-prop cargo plane
Is motivated by frugality.
Two missiles now remain, for only three
Had been in his possession when he shot
The helicopter down. Since he can not
Be sure a greater need might not arise,
He knows that using one might not be wise.
He saves his weapons, but within his mind
He wonders why the flight path is aligned
To bring the aircraft towards the ambush site.
Then as the C-130 made a tight
Turn and he sees the horrid gouts of flame,
He knows it is too late but he takes aim
And wildly fires another misagh two.
The missile launches but does not run true,
Since laser countermeasures lured the SAM
Towards phantom targets that were just a scam.