Stanza 166


The villagers move just as frantically,
But not to kill the callous enemy.
They fight the fires that burn the part of town
Where the incendiary shells rained down.
As they combat the flames they must ignore
The vile marines. To aid them, they implore
The Guardian to protect from fires that grow
And The Victorious to subdue the foe.
They pray that The Sustainer will supply
The stamina to help the men deny
Exhaustion that debilitates the will.
In hopes that The Responder will fulfill
Their earnest supplications, they express
Both heartfelt anguish and acute distress.
As the inferno rages, they entreat
The Most Strong to protect them from the heat
As they endeavor to put out the flames.
In time the villagers achieve their aims,
But now a hundred houses are destroyed
Creating in the town a dreadful void.