Stanza 170


"You are aware that when our current CINC
Received command, our staff had to rethink
The war and all its plans and policies.
The general knows that the insurgencies
Can not succeed without the firm support
Of local citizens. If we would thwart
Our enemies, we must not keep a count
Of those we kill or capture. This amount
Means nothing if ten times as many more
Replace the casualties. To win the war
We first must prove that our alternative
Is better than our enemies can give.
The citizens will choose subjectively,
And therein lies our hope for victory.
For even though the people will decide
Who wins or loses, those who take the side
Of the insurgents do so out of fear
And only hope these rebels can secure
The town. If not for threats they wouldn't choose
To tolerate these thugs and their abuse.