Stanza 173


"We need your unit to extend the gains
The first brigade effected and maintains.
Though Ar Ramadi is much more secure,
Al Qaeda is determined to endure
By punishing the people who ally
With us. To counter this, we must deny
Their capability to terrorize
The citizens. The terrorists' demise
Is not your goal, though it may be the means
By which the confidence in your marines
Spreads through the population. In this way,
The people will decide if you or they
Are welcome in the town. Keep this in mind,
But our attention must now be confined
To the logistics. Time is very short.
The J3 wants your unit to report
To your new station in two weeks at most.
Your staff must plan how best to close this post,
And make sure that the details are conveyed
To the J3 and to the first brigade."