Stanza 178


As time goes by, the villagers debate
The reasons why the base was in a state
Of silence and apparent emptiness.
With passion Musa says, "Our great distress
Is over. The marines gain nothing by
Pretending to have left their fortress. Why
Do that when they could use their armament
To overwhelm us? It is evident
The base has been abandoned by our foes."
The man from Lebanon says, "No one knows
For sure that it is safe. While I can see
Their banners are not there, the enemy
Might have left unexploded ordnance to
Kill any villager who ventures through
The gate. Marines might also be inside.
I cannot understand why they would hide
And ambush us if we get curious,
When they don't have to wait to slaughter us.
But stranger things have happened. Do we need
To act impatiently with haste and speed?"