Stanza 184


In answer Musa cries, "To God be thanks!
The Victorious overcame the ranks
Of Satan's soldiers from America.
They fled before The Majesty. Allah
Is Greatest    greater far than they
Who put their faith in weaponry to stay
The Lord of Retribution. Since The Guide
Directs us on the straight path, we confide
In The Provider to fulfill our needs
And The Restorer and Sustainer leads
Us to the bounty The Bestower gives."
The other men heap more superlatives
Upon Allah, and the community
Joins in thanksgiving for the clemency
That God provides. But Though they celebrate
And praise The Generous, they see the state
Of devastation the Americans
Had wrecked. The hope for retribution runs
Throughout the town, and as the days go by
The angry sentiments intensify.