Stanza 27


Now Ibrahim replies, "You are too kind.
My English is not nearly so refined
As you believe that I can demonstrate,
But I will happily communicate
As best I can the words you wish to say
To the marines. I'll go with you today,
And if Allah is willing I will choose
Interpretations that will not abuse
The meaning of the phrases you express."
The sayyid says, "May God give you success.
We know that you intend with all your heart
To translate well and that you will impart
The essence of our critical report.
The three of us shall tactfully exhort
The base commander as we have discussed,
And if I may suggest, we should entrust
Our newest father to accompany
Us on this errand. We will presently
Depart to where the Christian soldiers are.
I will dispatch my driver for the car."