Stanza 33


The colonel struggled to imagine why
His compliment was taken so awry,
But on the local cleric's face he saw
A countenance of wonderment and awe.
So seeing this, the colonel took his chance
To ask the man, "Is anything askance?"
Now Musa's father's sense of deja vu
Derives from recognition of a few
Distinctive items he has seen before.
He asks, "How is it possible the Corps
Could have in its possession what I know
The mayor of our town would not forego?"
The colonel answered him, "I went to see
Your mayor and his hospitality
Was so much greater than what I had thought
Could ever be. He told me that he sought
Replacements for his rugs and furniture,
And since I'd complimented earlier
His choices which revealed superior taste,
He gave as gifts what would have gone to waste.