Stanza 35


The local men observe the sayyid's cue
Which terminates the dismal interview,
And rising from their chairs they follow him
With hearts submerged in melancholy grim.
They leave the base HQ without a word
Not knowing what they did which had incurred
The colonel's wrath against their embassy,
And by extension, the community.
And while the escort took them to the gate
The colonel tried his best to contemplate
The reasons for the conduct of his guests,
But failed to understand the interests
Of the five visitors. To him the strange
Behavior fell outside the normal range
Of actions he could easily explain.
Then while these difficulties taxed his brain
The XO entered to inform his chief,
"The S2's ready, sir, to give his brief."
So they adjourned to hear intelligence
Apprising them of critical events.