Stanza 52


Thus following the ayatollah's lead
They cleanse themselves according to the creed
By washing with the dirt within the square.
Then after all are ready, they repair
To pray within the mosque. A chosen few
fill up the mosque and at the sayyid's cue
Begin the prayers. The ones who stay outside
Maintain the link. Although they must divide
In two, the mullah sees the worshipers
Within the mosque. The other villagers
Join in the congregational salat,
Submitting to The Majesty who wrought
The universe and all that it contains
And King of All the Realm in splendor reigns.
Then after obligations have been met
To satisfy in prayer the daily debt
That God had specified for everyone,
The people know the sayyid's stay is done.
On this account the whole community
Now waits to see him off respectfully.