Stanza 57


"In God's great name, whose clemency transcends
The highest bounds, whose mercy never ends
May The Avenger devastate your foes
And The Victorious strike the fatal blows
That save the righteous from the infidel
And by The Majesty their schemes dispel.
May The Responder answer when you pray
And may The Great Protector turn away
The fearsome weapons of your enemy.
May The Bestower grant you energy
That The Sustainer may provide support.
May The Restrainer ever balk and thwart
The ones who threaten to destroy your lives.
May he who in iniquity contrives
Your devastation The Destroyer face.
May The Demoter humble and abase
The evil sinner that humiliates
The righteous man, who only contemplates
The Peace and Blessing. May God give you bliss
And keep you safe from anything amiss."