Stanza 63


But Fatima does not respond at all
To counter any bachelor's sinful call.
She stands instead with downcast eyes to show
That she does not desire to undergo
These base indignities and satisfy
The suitors who have asked her to comply.
She leaves her honor in her brother's hands
And Qasim answers with these reprimands,
"She is my sister. She is not a toy!
You sons of mangy dogs will not enjoy
Her favors while I live and breathe the air.
Abandon her in cowardly despair."
Then to encourage them to expedite
Their exodus by promptly taking flight,
He grabs one fellow by his neck and belt
And hurls him to the ground. The others melt
Away into the crowd, but not so fast
That they avoid invective which is cast,
"If you do not respect her as you ought
I'll tie your scrawny dicks into a knot!"