Stanza 65


So now the NCO could understand
The people who resided in this land.
He heard the fracas and he gave the sign
The men in second squad should not confine
Their focus to the place that drew their eyes,
In case insurgents acted to devise
Distractions so an ambush could succeed.
The privates in the squad took careful heed,
And while they scanned around the marketplace
In all directions that the men could face,
The sergeant gave his eager officer
A true account of what the teenager
Was yelling as the diatribe occurred,
And this is what the sergeant overheard,
"You cravens will not live another day!
Your deaths will leave your mothers in dismay!
I'll blow you into such small chunks of gore
That they won't recognize you anymore!
I hope you prayed at dawn to God on high,
Because before the noon prayers, you will die!"