Stanza 100


As Musa leaves his brother in the tomb
His overwhelming sorrow leaves no room
For any sentiments within his heart
But sadness that he knows will not depart.
While earth fills up the grave where Qasim lies
His grief combines with rage, since the demise
Of his dear brother can't be justified.
The fact his evil killers have implied
That Qasim merited his suffering
Means they are capable of anything
And must be stopped by any means at all.
The grave is filled, so now the burial
Is finished and the grieving family
Departs the cemetery solemnly.
They will return to offer wahshat prayers
At night time. This will lessen Qasim's cares
So he won't suffer from the loneliness
That causes fear. The horrible distress
Deceased encounter their first night within
The grave is mitigated by the prayers of kin.