Stanza 99


Now since the funeral prayers are at an end,
At the direction of the reverend
Reciter of the holy Muslim creed,
The bearers lift the body and proceed
To take it to the graveyard carefully.
As they approach, three times with dignity
They lay the boy's cadaver on the ground
And raise it up again without a sound
To bring it closer to the sepulcher.
They lower it head first and then insure
The body will remain on its right side
And face towards Qiblah, with the shroud untied
So that an earthen pillow can be placed
Beneath the head that should not be disgraced
By leaving it devoid of all support.
Next Musa makes his arms and legs contort
So he can be positioned to recite
The final words of Qasim's funeral rite.
And all the people hear the mourning keen
Of Musa's voice pronouncing the talqin.