Stanza 111


Within the base marines had often played,
When not on duty, games of chance that made
The time pass in enjoyable events.
No limit Texas Hold'em tournaments
Were popular, because increasing blinds
And antes forced tight players into binds
That made them bluff or donate to the pot.
This day a group of seven men had thought
To meet within the barracks that they shared
With their platoon. However, six compared
Two cards with estimates of what could win.
The sleeping private Johnson had turned in
An hour before and did not hear the sound
Of laughter and the groaning sighs that crowned
A hand were several players' cards were shown.
The deck was soon reshuffled and the tone
The dealer used gave warning to the two
Opponents on his left, "The blinds are due."
He waited for the payment from each man
Before he dealt the cards and play began.