Stanza 112


The playing cards were quickly dealt around
Until each gambler had a pair he found
To be acceptable or not, and each
Of them by action rather than by speech
Declared the value of his hidden hand.
The man on bet retired the cards he scanned
As quickly as the corners came in view.
The folded hand served as the sailor's cue.
With suited kicker to an ace on top,
The navy corpsman paid to see the flop.
The next man folded, then the dealer called.
The small blind folded but the big blind stalled
And eyed the other men before he raised.
The wager from the big blind never fazed
The swabbie or the dealer and they met,
Their fellow gambler's optimistic bet.
The dealer burned a card and dealt three more
Face down, then with a flourish flipped them o'er.
The sailor's flush draw warred with other facts.
The cards that helped him fought a pair of jacks.