Stanza 113


The corpsman waited 'til the big blind checked,
Then placed a wager, hoping to eject
At least one man, and skill combined with luck
To lure the dealers cards into the muck.
But now the big blind raised the pot and smiled
To tell the swabbie he was reconciled
To gambling his cards against the hand
The sailor's actions promised to command.
The corpsman had two choices -- go all in
Or fold. But as he weighed the odds to win
A vile aroma threatened to compel
The men to flee the overwhelming smell.
The big blind yelled, "If you don't have the guts
To fucking pay to see I hold the nuts,
At least don't fucking fart for all you've got
So you don't have to lose another pot!"
But while the struggling jarheads agonized
The corpsman had already realized
The truth and told them, "Johnson needs to be
Transported to the base infirmary."