Stanza 126


The men who had been training to attack
The vile marines are now quite taken back.
To hear such curses from the infidel
Is more than simply unbelievable.
For though the enemy are steeped in sin,
That they could think they have a chance to win
By pitting force against The Conqueror,
Disrupts the people to their very core.
The diatribes erupt in angry shouts
From every villager, for no one doubts
That what the colonel has committed now
Is so egregious God will not allow
The sinner to continue with these acts.
The swelling volume dilates and contracts
As many contributions ebb and flow
Creating currents with an undertow
That threatens to engulf the listeners
And speakers in its grasp, and thus reverse
The cause with the effect. For many hours
The whirlpool keeps the people in its powers.