Stanza 132


For In the middle of the silent night
The CO's staff had roused him with the plight
That interrupted plans to celebrate
The Christmas holiday. The delicate
Conditions were explained by the S4.
"Each building has been leveled to the floor
And every site is littered with debris
From walls and roof and fixtures. This may be
A major setback, but the saboteurs
Ignored the septic tanks. Each one endures,
And all the pipes we laid are still intact.
We're lucky the insurgency attacked
Without the understanding they would need
To wreck the infrastructure. Though this deed
Is most disturbing, it won't take us long
To reconstruct them and correct this wrong."
The colonel asked, "What do we know about
These new insurgents? They destroy without
Regard for how the villagers will die
From lack of water as the wells go dry."