Stanza 133


The S3 answered, "None of our patrols
Arrested any of these criminals.
Explosives were positioned in advance
At every site. They did not take the chance
Of letting any of our squads detain
The perpetrators, who did not remain
To watch the detonations. At this time,
We can not hope to solve this heinous crime.
However, we can stay alert and wait
Until these bold insurgents perpetrate
Their second sabotage. When they appear,
We will be ready. The terror here
Will end when we arrest these malcontents."
The colonel said, "If no intelligence
That we possess will let us strike a blow,
Then we will be reacting to the foe.
I do not want our people to sit back
And simply wait until the next attack.
We need informants so we can preempt
The terrorists before their next attempt.