Stanza 134


I want to see if any villagers
Are willing to betray the saboteurs.
Let's be discreet, but actively pursue
The information that will lead us to
The men who only hide by causing fear.
By apprehending them we will endear
Ourselves to those we would protect.
S4, I want to know when you expect
The rebuilt restrooms to be back on line.
Make sure to reconfigure your design
To fabricate an adequate defense.
We must confound these new belligerents.
S3, I want you both to coordinate
Your plans, so when they try to perpetrate
Their second crime, they will be forced to fight
Your active countermeasures or take flight.
Do not allow a static force to be
The only counter to the enemy,
And most of all, make plans to find these men
Before they have a chance to strike again."