Stanza 148


But two marines picked up the fallen man
To take him to the LAV again
While all the others formed a box around
Their comrades since they wanted to confound
Attempts to hinder them from rescuing
The gunner's corpse. Within the hollow ring
The two marines approached the LAV
And entered where the driver let the three
Of them inside. The other scouts dispelled
The men upon the turret and compelled
The rioters to leave the vehicle.
"Don't fire at me, lieutenant. No one shall
Attack you from the turret. They're all gone.
I'll close the hatch to keep out everyone."
The officer confirmed he understood
And that he thought the private's plan was good,
So soon the forward hatch was fastened tight.
The private manned the turret guns to fight
The villagers if any had the heart,
While all the rest made ready to depart.