Stanza 149


Now after they recovered every scout
And closed the doors, the driver turned about
And drove the LAV the other way.
The officer was certain that this fray
Was a disaster. On the radio,
He called the base to let the HQ know
That they were inbound with a casualty
And briefly gave a sit-rep that would be
Immediately given to the boss.
The CO was disheartened by the loss
Since no marine had died in his command
'Til now, And he desired to understand
How this disturbing incident occurred.
The LAV arrived and he conferred
With the lieutenant after making sure
The gunner had no hope for any cure.
"Sir, I don't know how I mistook the road.
Before I knew it, angry people flowed
Around us and my gunner lost his life,
As did some villagers in all the strife."