Stanza 151


While both the officers discussed the case
The body was transported to the place
In the infirmary where it would be
Prepared for transfer to the family.
His personal effects were taken to
The S1's office for a full review.
The S1 was in charge of personnel
And so it was to him the duty fell
To sort the items that must now be sent
To next of kin. This way he could prevent
The forwarding of girly magazines
Or awkward letters from a dead marine's
Clandestine girlfriend, so a widow's loss
Would not be magnified due to this cause.
And so it was the captain found a note
The private's wife had sent, and what she wrote
Brought streams of moisture to the S1's eyes.
The officer could barely recognize
The words his tears hid as they quickly flowed.
He finished reading when his weeping slowed.