Stanza 152


"My dearest Tim, I love you and I miss
Your firm embrace, your warm and tender kiss.
It's difficult to wait while you're away.
Our baby Kyle turned one just yesterday
And it was hard to celebrate alone.
I took some pictures, but they're on my phone
And though I tried to email them to you
I don't believe the images went through.
You would have chuckled as he made a mess
With cake and ice cream. In his eagerness
To stuff his face he got lots in his hair
And so much on his clothes, that in despair
I took them off and let him have his fun
With just his diaper and a onesie on.
I know that what you're doing in Iraq
Is so heroic that I should not talk
About the loneliness that I endure,
When you are sacrificing to insure
America will have security
And the Iraqi people will be free.