Stanza 153


But Tim, you were my hero long before
The day that you enlisted in the Corps.
When you chose me it came as a surprise.
I never hoped to more than fantasize
That you would love me just as I loved you.
You made all of my fondest dreams come true.
I found the truth was better than my mind
Imagined it could be. Now you're assigned
So far away that only dreams remain
To give me hope that after all this strain
Is over we will never be apart,
And once again our family can start
Enjoying all our former happiness.
I hope my letters don't increase the stress
That you experience every single day.
I wish I could more easily convey
My own emotions without placing blame.
It's not your fault, and you should feel no shame.
Stay safe so you can hurry home to me!
I'll always be your loving Kimberly."