Stanza 155


Within the village square no memory
Recalls a day when greater tragedy
Was visited upon the villagers.
The situation goes from bad to worse
As the survivors count up all their dead.
The grim statistics fill them all with dread.
Eight women died and fourteen children too,
While fifty men have fallen, and this queue
Includes the mullah's body and the mayor's.
The peoples' voices loudly vent their cares.
"Once more for justice have the faithful died
That the usurper may be satisfied.
When brave Hussein was martyred by the slaves
Of tyranny, they filled as many graves
As we will need to bury everyone
Who died today. May each American
Yazid be cursed and perish in the fire
That God prepared for them and will require
Of all who seek God's wrath upon the road
Which ends in this perpetual abode."