Stanza 156


Now Musa cries, "We must avenge the dead.
Our enemies are killing us instead
Of dying for the crimes that they commit!
I will not wait for the marines to slit
My throat or gun me down the way they shot
My dad and brother. All our fighters ought
To take revenge upon our enemies
For what they've done to friends and families
All over town. Let's all attack them now!"
His speech inflames the people and their row
Erupts into an even greater din.
They rush for weapons that are kept within
The mosque, and since the citizens won't wait
The Lebanese decides to activate
A plan that would accomplish their desire
While making all the people cool their ire.
He calls to Musa, "Take this misagh two.
Your own contingent should remain with you."
The militant explains his current plan
And soon it's understood by every man.