Stanza 159


The armored vehicles were badly missed.
While door guns let the chopper's crew resist
The fierce attack, their time was running out.
With reinforcements from the base in doubt,
The call was made to assets in the air
To see if there were any planes to spare
That could suppress the bold insurgency.
Meanwhile, a new platoon of infantry
Departed from the base, but to combat
The threat of RPGs the scouts now sat
Upon the LAVs and not inside.
The risk was great, but they could not confide
In armor to protect them from their foes.
They hoped to use their rifles to dispose
Of enemies before they had a chance
To launch their RPGs. The new advance
Was chosen to avoid the ambushed wrecks.
The militant observes and then directs
Machine gun fire so that their enemies
Would be distracted from the RPGs.