Stanza 160


Back at the helicopter, Romeo
Heard welcome contact on the radio.
The speaker crackled, "Romeo, it's Spade.
My Spectre's one five minutes from your aid.
What is your situation?" In reply
He answered, "Spade, our guns so far deny
The bad guys' progress, but they have enough
Attacking forces so we won't rebuff
Them. We'll run out of ammunition first.
We might hold out until they are dispersed
By cannon fire, but you might not arrive
In time." Spade answered calmly, "Stay alive
A little longer, Romeo. We will
Shortly start our pylon turn. Until
Then, give the bad guys hell." The chopper crew
Took comfort in the knowledge that a few
More moments would extend their dicey plight.
If their resistance could prolong the fight,
The gunship would unleash a violent
Solution to their grave predicament.