Stanza 161


The men who keep the chopper under fire
Are losing confidence as their desire
Eludes them. In frustration they complain
To Musa that their actions are in vain.
"With one grenade we could annihilate
Those men," but Musa answers, "They are bait.
While they're alive, their comrades from the base
Attempt to rescue them. That's why you face
Their guns with rifles. Once the chopper crew
Runs out of bullets, then we can subdue
Those unbelievers. Until then they make
Their infantry aggressive, so they take
Wild chances and our ambushes destroy
Far more marines because we use this ploy."
The men are satisfied and eagerly
Discharge their weapons at the enemy,
While Musa uses seeker head and eyes
To scan for hostile aircraft in the skies.
He wonders where the other chopper went
And if it still might cause some detriment.