Stanza 175


Upon the minaret, a sentinel
Gives warning. The macabre, unbearable
Anticipation of the town's demise
Is over. As the people lift their eyes
and see the armored vehicles, they know
Their earthly fate is sealed. Against the foe,
The faithful are determined to exhaust
What little energy has not been lost
Already, and resist until the end.
However, not a soul can comprehend
How they can overcome the enemy.
Their faith is in the one true Deity,
But thirstiness and death came to Hussein,
And is what they expect from these profane
Usurpers. RPGs that detonate
Against the webs of wire don't replicate
The same destruction they had wrecked before.
The armor held. The missiles only score
Successes When the turret gunners were
Impaled by shrapnel hurtling through the air.