Stanza 176


But gunners on the LAVs were not
Such easy targets. Often chain guns brought
To bear upon the faithful fighters, fired
Before the holy warriors have acquired
Their enemies within the launchers' sights.
The armored vehicles, like satellites,
Maintained their orbits and the villagers
Strive to protect the town's perimeter.
So desperate is the defense that all
Attention is devoted to forestall
The LAVs that threatened to destroy
The village. As the tenth battalion's ploy
Allowed the convoy to depart the base,
The trucks began a slow but hasty race
To bypass danger. Once the trucks were through
The convoy waited at the rendezvous
Until the LAVs could break away
From the engagement. From the violent fray,
The LAVs proceeded to retreat.
Their task was done. The mission was complete.