Stanza 180


When all the base is thoroughly explored
The villagers turn their attention toward
The wells that Ibrahim investigates.
The skillful engineer communicates
What he has learned, "The news is good
And bad. If God is willing, water could
Be lifted from these wells. The pumps are sound,
But all the water will stay underground
Without the needed electricity
To give them power. I know the enemy
Took all the generators, so I will
Be forced to improvise. It's possible
That generators from our pumps would do,
But they might not give the right voltage to
Allow these pumps to function. Still, let's try.
Unless we do, it's likely we will die.
My plan is to bypass their water tower,
So we can operate at lower power
Yet still maintain some pressure in the line.
If God wills, this shall prove a good design."