Stanza 181


The engineer's endeavors last all day
And through the night. As dark gives way to gray
With dawn approaching Ibrahim concedes,
"Our generators do not meet the needs
Of these abandoned pumps. No matter how
I wire connections, they do not allow
Conduction of sufficient energy
To start the pumps. The grim reality
Is that these cisterns cannot be relied
Upon for water. If God will provide
A miracle, then by The Nourisher's
Benevolence we thirsty villagers
Won't die, but there is nothing more that I
Can think to do." The confident reply
That Musa gives is this, "It's time for prayer.
We who submit to God need not despair
No matter what occurs! Did brave Hussein
Die thirsty? Does the Imam not remain
A model for believers? Yes! We ought
To seek the righteousness of dawn salat."