Stanza 182


So though the men now recognize their doom,
They go outside the base so tayammum
Won't be performed on stolen property.
Once all are purified, they faithfully
Line up with Musa leading them in prayer.
They face the Qiblah ready to declare
The first takbir as soon as Musa does.
Their doubt and fear are vanishing, because
Submission to The Merciful brings peace
And those who are obedient find release
From their anxiety by this salat.
By the Salam, they do not feel distraught,
Although the situation is the same.
The sun now lights the eastern sky with flame
As fatalistically the men return
To town. As they approach they can discern
A raucous clamor from the villagers
That prompts the men to wonder what occurs
Within the town. As if within a dream,
They recognize the son of Ibrahim.